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Sit a while and just breathe

There are plenty of times when we feel overwhelmed. Maybe the last two years have been a long, slow, lonesome slide toward it’s-just-too-much. Maybe you just got some bad news. It could be that you are preparing yourself to deliver bad news – no one wants to have that responsibility. Or you’re nervous about speaking in front of a group. Lots of us don’t like that.

Someone you love is ill, or you are. The news is relentlessly depressing or frightening or surreal. Maybe you are all wound up and furious. Overly worried. Confused. Sad. Stuck.

Enough! That’s enough. You get the point. Like I said, there are plenty of times when we feel overwhelmed, and part of the feeling is that solutions seem far off, elusive or non-existent. And, it doesn’t have to be a big thing; even small things can feel like it’s too much.

Do this: Sit.


I know it sounds trite. It sounds simple, maybe silly. Disregard those judgments. Sit. Breathe. Just sit – comfortably; quietly; no phone, no screen; close your door. Turn off anything that beeps or rings or vibrates.

Breathe. Slowly. Do it again. And, again, slowing it down little by little. Close your eyes or just keep your gaze slightly down, a few feet in front of you, at nothing in particular.

Keep sitting. Keep breathing. With every exhalation let the muscles around your ears, your neck, the back of your head relax a bit, more and more with each exhale. Let the muscles around your eyes, across your forehead and cheeks relax. Let your jaw relax.

Sit this way and breathe this way for four or five minutes. If you can sit for 10 minutes, do that.

Remember this practice. Learn it well. You need it. I need it. No; it will not change the world out there. But, yes; it can go a long way toward changing your inner world. And, that matters a lot.

Peace and love to you in the week ahead.


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