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Introducing a new series for self-care: Lectio 360

Lectio 360 is a guided contemplative, therapeutic process. Lectio 360 is a safe, synergistic, collective space where you reconnect with your inner wisdom, strengthen your personal spiritual practice, and develop and deepen trust in your valuable intuition. The goal is to help you answer the questions that you are always asking yourself, create solutions to the problems you face, and make progress over the obstacles in your way.


All you have to do is receive. 

Public sessions are Fridays at 5:00 p.m., EST and last 30-45 minutes. I read a selected verse four times. After each reading, we pause and I invite you to notice what you are reacting to. You are encouraged to keep a journal, drawing paper or notepad at hand to write down any meaningful words you hear and note your personal, internal commentary as we continue through the readings. 

Visit for more information and to learn how to register.

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