Introducing a new series of programs for self-care

In my new series of programs called Lectio 360, I use the words of mystics, poets and scholars from all times and places to help bring balance and happiness back into your busy life.

Lectio 360 is based on a simple, meditative centuries-old practice; it is delivered in four weekly, hour-long sessions that are tailored to particular life challenges. In each session, you are guided to a unique conversation with yourself. All you have to do is receive. In a safe, deeply meditative state, you key in on the words you are meant to hear; words that shimmer with a very personal meaning; words that will heal, help, affirm and guide you through the challenges you are facing. Writing selections are carefully curated to address and support the specific series program.


You are asked to bring a small journal or notebook to write in.

Each session is $60, and sessions are limited to eight people.

The first two sessions will be held at The Salt Cave of Darien, where you’ll experience all the physical and psychological benefits of being surrounded by authentic Himalayan pink salt.

Living with Loss  

Wednesday evenings, 6:30 p.m., beginning April 16, 2020

Living with Loss is for anyone who has lost a loved one, recently retired, moved, been through a break-up, been promoted (yes, sometimes “good” things bring up underlying confusion and sense of loss), or is troubled by or experiencing difficulty with a major transition.     

Living with Compassion

Thursday afternoons, 12:00 p.m., beginning April 17, 2020

Living with Compassion is for anyone seeking to bring a greater sense of love and happiness back into their life. Are you constantly “beating yourself up” for living your life? Are you juggling so many responsibilities that you feel like you can’t even do one thing well? Do you feel pressured or even a little edgy most of the time? This is the program for you.


Sign up here for Living with Loss, and here for Living with Compassion.

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