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Musing: Can you really waste time?

Think about all the assumptions begged by the question. How do you value or evaluate time? How do you value/evaluate your time -- your time at work? Your time at play? Your time ... doing whatever.

You spend time, all your time really, doing something. Exercise, chores, grocery shopping, talking to your friends, thinking, volunteering, catching a cab, driving, sitting, reading, stroking a pet, sleeping, meditating, dancing, thinking, reading, listening, holding someone's hand, working, doodling, complaining, paining, listening to music, loving, watching, waiting, breathing....

Do you ever feel like you are wasting time? Like someone else is? What judgment is attached to that -- is it directed toward others? Toward yourself? Where does that judgment come from? Who planted that seed? Do you judge yourself or others based on your own experience or on the lessons imparted from your family or culture?

Everything "takes time." So, think: what is time? Is it a thing? Or an idea? Or an infinite concept?

How can you waste something that is infinite? How can you waste time? Can you really waste time?

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