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Seeing more clearly, without judgment or delusion

Still reading Why Buddhism Is True, by Robert Wright. And there's lots to think about. In Chapter 5, he states "The Buddha believed that the less you judge things -- including the contents of your mind -- the more clearly you'll see them, and the less deluded you'll be."

Judgment certainly seems to be experiencing a heyday. We are thumbs-upping, hearting, frowning and commenting all over social media these days. Every media outlet from your local newspaper to the world's largest websites invites you to share your opinion. Tell us what you think. We've been so deluged with all of our opinions that all of it becomes meaningless. And yet, we continue to judge. Because we believe we are right.

And, so does the other guy. Just like you.

So, can you let go of judgment? I'm not asking you to abandon discernment; we all make calls. But I am wondering if you -- if I -- can let go of the strong attachment to opinion, to feeling. I might guess that I'm hearing a whispered, "I will if he will."

Can you unconditionally examine your own judgments, see how attached you are to them, and let go of that attachment? Are you playing a zero-sum game in your life? Is there room for you to see more clearly with less delusion?

~ ~ ~

Bonus: A friend celebrated his birthday last week and that reminded me of a piece I wrote four years ago, inspired by his catchphrase, "Never been better!." Enjoy:

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