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You. On purpose.

This week I had many conversations about purpose. We asked and examined the question, What is my purpose? That's a pretty heady question. It can really stop you cold. It's the kind of question that can pop up when you're very young. It's the kind of question that remain unanswered and come back again and again. Or it can be answered, settled, only to be upended to be revisited at a later time.

Some of us never ask the question. We just live our life without a care or concern for our purpose. Some do ask, answer it easily and don't look back. For them, it's clear and settled. But for many of us, particularly at life's moments of transition, doubt, grief, uncertainty or some other developmental or growth milestone, the question comes up again, and it then it returns even again: What is my purpose? Why am I here? What am I here to do?

The bad news? I don't have an answer for you.

The good news? In my many conversations, a lot of provocative, useful suggestions arose. Here are a few of them -- some in the form a a question, or a phrase or, simply, a word to suggest a starting point for your own thinking about your purpose (this time around).

  • Usefulness or utility

  • Having an impact; have I made an impact on anyone?

  • Connection

  • Being ordinary versus extraordinary or famous

  • Well known

  • Humble; humility

  • What do I/they stand to lose?

  • Value

  • Service

  • Natural order

I hope some of these prompts serve to inspire you to examine the question of your purpose. And, while you're giving that some thought, let me remind you of my favorite Annie Dillard quote: How we spend our days is, of course, how we live our life.

You really are, already, living a life of purpose. Your task is to be mindful about your choices.

Wishing you a week of living on purpose. With peace and love.


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