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You are a journeyman

You've likely heard the expression "It's not the destination; it's the journey." I believe that's true, but this isn't just a be-here-now message (although that's something I do espouse). 

Look, sometimes, things go the way we want. And sometimes they don't. Often when they do, we think we've arrived. I got the promotion! I found my true love. The kids have gone out on their own. I got my degree. My cancer is five years in remission. But when things don't go the way we want, we find ourselves fighting again for our end, our destination, our idea of completion. My champion is being replaced with her adversary, so I am going to speak up against that. I've been laid off, so now I have to look for another job. This is a serious diagnosis but I'm going to fight it every step of the way. 

Sometimes, the news is so devastating, we feel like we can't go on, like when a beloved dies or when we are overwhelmed with chronic pain that never ends.

The reality is that we are all on a journey, and along the way, there are times when our travels will be easy and we think we've made it. But then comes the time when our traveling is hard. Really hard! And we feel so discouraged that we have to get back up and do this again....haven't I already fought back against this disease, another layoff, losing an election? When will I get to my destination so I can lay my burden down? 

The thing is this. We are all journeymen.  We are always on a journey. The destination is not the goal. In truth, the destination is death. That's the only time we "arrive" once and for all. Before that, it's all journeying. We don't have an alternative.

And sometimes it's so smooth, it actually feels like we've arrived. We haven't. Ever. So, when it gets hard again, remember, this is what you do. You are a journeyman. Be that. Be reliable, be steady, be experienced at your life. That is a good thing. 

I wish you many successes and much strength on your journey. Enjoy your travels along the way.


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