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Sometimes you just decide

For all the practicing, for all the studying, for all the preparation work, sometimes you just decide to do something. I certainly advocate for mindful centering, visualizing, organizing and planning as you sort out what your goals are. Those are all good things, in my experience, and useful, too. Give yourself a break and take the time you need to make a change. We have such high expectations of ourselves and are often our own worst critic. So, I would say to slow down. Take it in manageable bites. Start with one small change and go to the next one from there.


Sometimes you just decide. I’m taking that offer. I am spending far too much energy holding this grudge; I’m over it. I am joining a gym. I’m taking tap lessons. I’m jumping in.

After all is said and done, life is still a mystery, isn’t it? Sometimes you just decide. You quit caffeine. You signed up for a class. You bought the ticket. Sometimes, a switch just flips. Maybe you’ve been at work on a long-term goal and suddenly you simply feel the time is right, and you’re ready. You just have a sense of confidence. You may or may not know exactly where it comes from but you just know this is right.

Not only is life a mystery, it’s funny. Keep up your practice. Keep your plans and your aspirations. Work toward them diligently.

And, stay open. Trust yourself.  



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