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Show up

One of the simplest gestures of compassion that you can do for another is to show up. Showing up can appear in a vast number of ways; what matters is that it comes from the heart.

When do you show up?

You show up at life’s big events, the ones that happen just once or may be tied to ritual – events that mark a change in the life of your friend or loved one. They can be happy, sorrowful, profound, simple, small or big, but they are always important to the person involved. And, if you are involved with that person, then they are important to you. From Little League games to violin recitals to story-telling slams; from graduations to weddings to funerals; from website launches to new apartments to kitchen renovations – showing up for the people you love is a gift generously given.

How do you show up?

You do that your way, meaning there are as many ways as work for any human on any day. You can literally present yourself. You show up in person. You can send a gift or a note or both. You can email or send a card or gift or flowers. You can send prayers, thoughts, energetic will, reiki or food. You can call or leave a voice message or text. You can donate to their favorite charity or plant a tree in their name. One way of showing up is not better than another way – what matters is that you show up.

You do it because so many of life’s events only come around once. Sure, there might be another championship game, or another degree or even another wedding. But the truth is that each event is unique. And, when those events happen, you may or may not be able to be physically present – that’s life so that’s perfectly okay. You can still make your presence known.

It really doesn’t – or shouldn’t – matter how you show up. Just show up. That matters.

Peace and love to you this week (and my heart is profoundly filled by so many of my loved ones who have shown up for me in every way in the last few weeks).


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