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No man is an island

This has been a week of reminders to me that we all are out here fighting our own battles. We’re good at keeping appearances, though. We get to our tasks, make sure to walk the dog, manage to feed ourselves and say hello sincerely and friendly to a passing human. But we do this and bear our burdens, too. You may be challenged this week – or not – either way, it’s important to remember that you cannot exactly know what burden someone else is carrying unless you ask.


Maybe it’s grief, or job insecurity, or figuring out how to get to the end of the week at all. Remember that you can ask for help, and you can ask if someone needs help. To all of you, I give you (again, because it’s a favorite of mine I’ve shared before) John Donne’s No Man Is an Island written in 1624.


We need each other. Take care of yourself this week and each other.



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