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Miracles are the gratitude you feel

Miracles aren’t just the big things; they can be quite small and personal. And I get it. You might think that isn’t really what a miracle is. We say “miracle” a lot but, really, when we say it – as in, “It’s a miracle that I was able to remember that recipe,” – that’s not a thing worthy of being called an actual miracle. And it doesn’t seem like a big thing when it happens to us. Maybe we just feel like it was our lucky day. Or we caught a break. Or maybe things are going our way because of our own efforts and hard work.

Well, yes. Sure.

But, I submit to you, sometimes just acknowledging a simple event or moment with gratitude turns the ordinary into a miracle. Take your last meal for example – your last really enjoyable meal. It may have been good, but it probably was not something you thought of as a miracle. But spin that with a little gratitude and you’ll see what I mean.

Whether you prepared the meal or someone else did, you can be grateful for the cook who knew just how to make the food so tasty. And say a thank you for the grocer for providing the fresh ingredients, and the trucker who hauled it miles and miles to the grocer. Say thanks for the farmer who raised the plants or animals or the fisherman who caught the food. Have gratitude for the workers who picked the vegetables or herbs or fruit, or for the butchers and fishmongers who cleaned and prepared it. And be thankful for good soil and clean rain, for the sunny days and cool nights that provided the ideal growing environment. Thank the pollinators. Thank the decaying leaves and wood and the microbes that live off of them. Just thinking of all the steps that it takes to enjoy a really tasty meal is enough to turn that moment into a miracle.

Seeing things with gratitude can really expose the miraculous.

Peace and love to you in the week ahead.


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