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Make your path

Joseph Campbell told us this (excerpted from Reflections on the Art of Living – A Joseph Campbell Companion, selected and edited by Diane K. Olson).


Follow your bliss.


The heroic life is living the individual 



There is no security

in following the call to adventure.


Nothing is exciting

if you know

what the outcome is going to be.


To refuse the call means stagnation.


. . .


You enter the forest

at the darkest point,

where there is no path.


Where there is a way or path,

it is someone else's path.


You are not on your own path.


If you follow someone else's way,

you are not going to realize

your potential.


There are plenty of familiar, comfortable and well-worn pathways in your life, some made by others, some made by you. Thank goodness for that.


Whenever you seek the life that works best for you, you embark on the individual hero’s journey. That is when, dear hero and dear heroine, you must make your own path. There is no path. You have to make your own to find your bliss. Every time you grow.


Safe travels.



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