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Find what lifts you up

You can't fly a kite when there's nothing to lift it up. And you can't fly a kite when the lift is overwhelming and chaotic. In between the kite and the wind is you. The three of you have to work together to find the sweet spot.

People and problems in your life are like that. You need lift to fly. Too little? You'll go nowhere. Too much? You'll be overwhelmed -- you might get carried away, or you might just crash and burn. It's up to you to figure out if conditions are perfect. For everything to work, to soar, you have to take charge and work with the kite and the wind. Maybe you've figured out that today's a day to lay low. Not much is happening and any effort you make is not going to have the return on investment you're wishing for. Or, you're in the middle of it and things are getting a little overwhelming. In that case, it's time to check your technique or change what you're doing to stay safe.

We all need lift to fly. We need ideal conditions to soar. And we can't fly at all when there's no wind. Learn your way. Don't be afraid to fail and don't hesitate to gauge the conditions and decide when it's right to start again.

May you recognize perfect conditions when they appear and soar. And may you recognize poor conditions, too, and use those times to regroup.

Peace and love to you this week ahead.


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