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Do yourself a favor . . . and say thank you.

Do me a favor, and do yourself a favor. Do something nice for yourself. Stop for a moment and think of yourself as another person. A person you love and admire. Think of what that person's been through this past week and, because you are a good friend and you care about your friend -- a lot -- think of what small favor you can offer that can make them happy.

Maybe it's just giving them a five-minute break from the craziness. Maybe it's something a little bigger like a manicure or pedicure, or an afternoon off so they can go for a walk, or meet a friend for coffee (it might even be you!). Maybe you know that fresh flowers would cheer them or a new gadget or widget or book or movie. You know best what would cheer your friend because you are the friend.

So go ahead. Give yourself something that you would like, something that makes you feel looked out for, acknowledged, seen and heard by someone who really cares about you. Do that for you. Do yourself a favor.

And then . . . say thank you. As if it wasn't you who did yourself this favor, but think of yourself as another person. A person you love and admire. Think of how that person took the time to recognize what you've been through this past week and how they took the time to think of you. Thank them. Thank them -- yourself, that is -- humbly and with love and appreciation.

You do a lot for other people. And you might think you take time for yourself but try this practice. Try it sincerely. And appreciate your unique, wonderful self.

Love and peace to you always.


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