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Aerate your thoughts!

Today, I used an old-fashioned, hand-held aerator to loosen up the thatched, weedy soil in my yard. It’s hard work but it’s really a good thing to do, especially if growth has slowed, your soil has compacted and your turf is generally resistant to new growth.

While I was exerting myself, rolling back and forth, then sideways it occurred to me that this would be a great tool to use on my habits, my beliefs, my that’s-how-I-do-things. What if I could weasel my thoughts with this tool? Rolling back and forth to dislodge stuck thinking? Opening up some space, making it easier for all the healthy, nourishing things to get in there and replenish all that is tired and useless?

Anyone who likes to work in the dirt probably can’t help but notice that the way we treat our grass (or vegetables or flowers or shrubs) is the way we should treat ourselves. Sure, it takes work. Yes, you have to remove the weeds and the clammy mushrooms and dandelions. Crabgrass and or clover will take over the whole thing if you don’t make the effort.

But cultivating what you care about will result in a healthy, winning landscape.

Get in there in your head. Aerate! Weasel! Do the work. Let the light in. Pull up old thoughts that have grown weedy. Remove mushrooms that are growing in the dark. Overseed with a new variety. Let time and the season do their work after you’ve done yours. Results will likely take a season, or maybe two, to show up. Trust in your efforts. Be patient. And when that new growth starts, keep an eye out for stray invaders.

If you tend to yourself (or your garden) carefully, diligently and remain patient, beautiful surprises are surely going to be in your future.

Peace and love to you in the week ahead.


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