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A little perspective

Depending on what you use for a news source, your opinion may differ from others you know. Herewith, a list of numbers for you to compare, keeping in mind that the number of Americans who have died from the coronavirus is for four months. All other numbers are for 12 months.

  • Number of active monthly Twitter users: 330,000,000

  • Number of participants worldwide in the Womens' March (1/21/17): 7,000,000

  • Visitors to Vietnam Memorial in 2019: 4,580,000

  • Heart disease as cause of death: 647,457

  • Cancer as cause of death: 599,108

  • Miles from earth to moon: 238,900

  • Deaths from accidents: 169,936

  • Chronic lower respiratory diseases (cause of death): 160,201

  • Stroke as cause of death: 146,383

  • Coronavirus deaths in the US as of 7/19/20: 142,000 (This is for a 4-month period. Extrapolated to an annual number like everything else in this list, it would be 426,000)

  • Alzheimer's disease: 121,404

  • Deaths due to flu and pneumonia: 55,672

  • Suicide: 47,173

  • Gun-related deaths in 2017: 39,773

  • Fatalities from car accidents in 2019: 38,800

  • Days in an average life: 28,653

  • Number of genes humans have: 25,000

  • Hours in a year: 8,760

  • Number killed on September 11: 2,977

  • Days before a human can read (average 6 years old): 2,190

  • Days to change a habit: 66

  • How long it takes to fall in love: 0

Numbers count. Pay attention. We have lost far too many of our fellowship to coronavirus. Keep things in the right perspective. Don't be distracted by liars and fools.

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