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The same old new normal

The news is grim, so far. The deaths: almost 70,000 worldwide. The infections: 1.27 million. Unemployment claims in the U.S. alone: 3.7 million.

I do hope that you are safe, in good health and have not lost anyone to this viral infection. If you are suffering from sorrow or distress, please let me know. These are frightening and challenging times. How many times have you heard recently "this is the new normal" or "life as we know it will never be the same"? It sounds apocalyptic, but it is not. Those are headlines. That's clickbait. Don't go there.

What is normal? By definition, normal is the usual, average condition, in other words, normal is what most people experience. Since times constantly change, normal is often "new" and, right now, it really is normal to be confused, afraid, careful, hopeful, and so much more. But normal will change; it always changes. Similarly, it is very easy to believe that "life as we know it will never be the same," but don't succumb to the fearful side of that headline.

Truly, whenever I've lost a loved one, my life did change. It wasn't the same without my dad, my mom, my brother, my first husband. Life as I knew it changed. But. But!

Let me assure you. Change is life, life will prevail and it is always the same. People will love each other; even as we constantly evolve and adapt to adjustments in our families, communities and faith, we love. There will always be sadness, especially at the loss of loved ones. There will always be joy, especially at the success of loved ones. People will always enjoy being productive. People will always try to give their best. Maybe not everyone -- there are those people who will always be deceptive, manipulative, opportunistic in the worst way.

But most people want the same thing the world over. They want a roof over their head, food in their belly, and love. We all want love. We want to love and be loved. That is normal. New or old. It's the same old new normal, all the time.

Be strong. Be safe. Be healthy. You are loved.

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