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Today, take a walk. Watch an old concert on TV. Start to read (or re-read) Dickens. Offer to get someone something at the grocery store, as long as you're safely going. Show compassion. Check your anger. Go back to church - you can do it online and no one will be judging (not that they should anyway).

You stop judging. Smile. Forgive. Call an old friend. Improve your cornhole game. Start meditating. Slow down. Review your coin collection. Sit on your stoop, step, patio, balcony, porch, deck, by your open window and just watch the world go by. Learn the difference between a Purple Finch and a House Finch.

Accept that fearful feeling inside; it will rise and fall with the times - that's to be expected, but it's just a feeling. Watch ducks swim. Invent new games to play with your kids. Learn a new language. Take up darts. Figure out all the things your smart TV can do. Say, "I love you." Play the ukulele. Look up at the International Space Station. (Thanks for that one, Sue!) Clean out your old files. Hang crystals in your window and watch for rainbows to brighten up your day. Practice some citizen science; you can start with Zooniverse.

Learn patience. Practice tolerance. Count your blessings. Make bread. Stop complaining. Develop an attitude of humility. Co-operate. Love. Read aloud to someone. Check on your neighbors. Go to bed early; get up early. Learn the constellations. Write a letter, by hand - a short note is fine - and mail it to a friend. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Build a blanket fort. Hold (freshly washed) hands with a true companion.


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