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What's my part?

After spending my annual week with 140 campers aged 8 to 16, I find myself reflecting on something I heard a lot, namely, stuff like "I didn't start it; she did." Or, "I pushed him because he took my stuffed animal." Or, "It's not my fault."

Of course when you put children into a cabin with 15 or 16 other kids and eight counselors, you're going to have conflict. At camp it's usually resolved quickly; still, some situations take a little longer.

But it got me thinking about taking responsibility for my part. Children like our campers still need to be taught this but by the time we reach adulthood, it seems to me that this is a skill we should have mastered.

Every time you have a feeling that hearkens back to a childish "it's not my fault," that should be a tip off to ask yourself "what is my part?" Because you always have a part -- no doubt about it. Take a good look at the situation. You should be able to own up to your contribution -- your part. And one thing you can always do to make a difference is to make a change in yourself.

Own your part. Change it if you have to, and have a great week.

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