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What about the negative space?

What do you do with the negative space in your life?

This week I heard of a few things that caught my attention. One friend is creating a workshop combining two things -- her real-life experience of an event in elementary school, a speech contest, and her real-life expertise in organizational change management. She has two versions of her childhood event. In one, she fails. In the other, she succeeds. Both are the same story, just one is reframed.

I heard another colleague, Nancy Scherlong, interviewed on Spiritual Connections . In describing her self care techniques, she said she's been having acupuncture for 14 years. Friends, concerned and caring, asked her what's wrong. Her answer is that there is nothing wrong. Like eating a balanced diet or getting a healthy amount of exercise, this helps keep her well.

In the art world, there is a renowned technique called chiaroscuro which uses light and dark to create three dimensions.

So, here's the thing: In so many ways, the "negative" supports, defines and shapes the "positive" in our life.

Don't discount the thing that you may perceive as negative in your life. It's there for a reason. It has something to tell you. It is a counterbalance to shine a light on what's positive. The negative space simply does not exist without its counterpart.

If there is negative space in your life, look at what you're reacting to. There will be something positive. Ask yourself why you're seeing the negative. Look for what's positive. What about that is challenging to you?

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