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Where is the center of the universe?

Roy I. Wilson wrote in his book Medicine Wheels: "How far west can you go before you run out of West? ...No matter how far west you may travel you will never run out of West. You will still have as much before you as when you began."

So consider this question: Where is the center of the universe? It doesn't take long to come to the obvious conclusion -- It's right where you are. Think about it. How could it be anywhere else? We experience this world from our own perspective. Always. Only. The world, as we know it, it always experienced from a personal perspective. Yours.

Wilson went on to say, "Where is the center of the earth? We are not asking for the geological center of the earth but the spiritual center. The center of the earth is within you. It is within me. That is the Medicine Wheel teaching. ... Why? Because you took the center with you. The center lies within you."

Wherever you go -- east, west, north, south -- you take yourself with you. So, let that be your ground, your center. Understand that this is, of course, true for everyone. But at the end of the day, the priority is your perspective. That is the beginning. The ground state. From there, you incorporate all others.

May you be wise in every direction this week.

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