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It's as easy as yes or no, isn't it?

We humans like to see things in simple terms: Is the answer yes or no? Black or white? How can their be any question? Murder is wrong. Yes or no? Stealing is wrong. Yes or no? Harming others is wrong. Yes or no? Can you do it or can't you?

But while it's in our nature to believe in simple answers, situations and issues in life are seldom simple. To start, there are always more than two factors. In fact, there are always many factors -- from weather, to emotion, to strength, to expediency, to relationships, to location, to luck, to ability, to ethics.

Rules look great on paper, and they profess to offer all the solutions you need. But I submit that Yes and No live at the extremes. That's where the easy answers are -- the extremes.

But most decisions you face are far more complex, from the big ones to the small ones. From committing to relationships (or the same relationship over and over) to what to have for dinner (every night, over and over), you and I live in the massive gray area in the middle.

That's where life is really lived. We all live in the gray area where answers are not easy, decisions require a leap of faith and miracles happen every day.

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