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Can you cultivate compassion?

One of the things that so fascinates me is that we are always learning new things; yet we often think we have finally arrived at the completion of our knowledge.

I have two wonderful podcasts to recommend to you on this topic. We all know that sex -- whether you are a boy or a girl -- is determined by your chromosomes, right? XX means girl. XY means boy. Simple. Not anymore. That's so Mendel. We will never know everything there is to know. Whatever is "settled" science may not really be settled. Take an hour this week and listen to this episode of Radiolab.

On a more spiritual level, there is an excellent episode of On Being -- one that prompts this week's question. Can you cultivate compassion? In this podcast, Krista Tippet interviewed the William James and Vilas Research Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

There is a lot to listen to here. So I hope you can grab the time this week to listen to both of these episodes. Curiosity, compassion and clarity.

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