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Recharging your batteries

"My phone is dead." "My laptop is out of juice."

Tablets, phones...whatever device you use, a time comes when it runs out of power and you just plug it in, recharge it and you're good to go. You take good care of your electronics. What about yourself?

How do you recharge when you are running on fumes? What do you do when you have lost power? How far are you pushing yourself? More coffee or caffeine can only take you so far. Determination is amazing and really helps you gut it out, but at some point, you will need to charge your battery. You need to plug in to a source and allow that energy to slowly, steadily and fully restore your power.

When you feel yourself lagging, that's the time to pull away, if you can, and plug in to your source. Don't wait until you are on fumes. That's not good for your phone and it's certainly not good for you. Recognize the signs and get ahead of it.

Whatever you do to recharge, do it as often as necessary.

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