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What if we... ?

What if "we" meant every human and not just the ones who think like you do? What if "we" included humans of all ages, genders, continents, languages? So when you hear, "We want better for ourselves," that includes the hipster in Portland and the carabao driver in a rice field.

We care about our own. What if our own included all living beings? Spiders, Golden Retrievers, servals, plankton, polar bears, a screeching 3-year-old brat throwing a tantrum in the grocery store.

What if we recognized our true nature as simply another creature on earth, no different from the oak tree or seaweed or dandelion? What if we all spoke a language that we all understood? In fact, we do. We all speak and understand anger, fear, sadness, disgust, enjoyment, surprise and contempt. I imagine the most sensitive among us can even see those expressions in animals.

What if we realized that we are all in this grand experiment together

What if we...?

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