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One way

It may seem overwhelmingly impossible to live by the standards set by saints and holy people. I mean, let's be practical. Who could really live their life like Jesus or the Buddha? St. Francis? St. Martin de Pores? What about more modern people like Mother Theresa or Martin Luther King, Jr.? Could you live your life like they did? Still seems pretty impossible, doesn't it? And anyway, they were special people, dedicated to their passion from an early age and destined for greatness, right? Well, no. Actually, I don't know if they were or they weren't. But I do know this. There's only one way to be more loving, more compassionate, more non-violent, more forgiving, more generous. And that's to decide to be that way and then keep practicing. Keep at it. Many of the miraculous, extraordinary lessons taught to us by historical figures have become so widely known that we can easily forget they were all actual, regular people, just like us. So, they had their bad days and their doubts. They had their setbacks and trials. They despaired, grew irritated or frustrated, were annoyed or just plain tired. There has to have been many times when they questioned themselves and may have wanted to just throw in the towel. But they were committed to love -- the one love that is. Even though your path may wind in directions you did not anticipate, keep your focus. If you are committed to the reality of infinite love and you are committed to your self, then just keep practicing. Keep at it. The support you need is endless. It's infinite. As is your capacity for love and love's capacity for you. Just like the holiest of saints, you're only human. Seek love, seek compassion. Keep at it.

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