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Le'go my ego!

Some musings on the ego.

So, this weekend, I moved into a new demographic known as senior citizen. No longer will I check the 50-64 box. Now it's 65-older. I hope I spend a long time in the "older" category.

I had a very minor, albeit real, panic attack the night before the big day. I went from a 2 to an 8 without any warning in the middle of the night. I woke up and was frantic about being very old, very helpless and painfully very alone. It did not last. Thank God. I got over it and was able to return to a calmer state quite quickly but it was as real, as sudden and as sharp as a bee sting. Phew! What the heck!

Last Thursday I had some dental surgery done. I've had the same surgery before but this time, the entire lower left side of my face and chin decided to develop a bruise that's grown larger and purpler by the day. It wasn't an issue for a conference call with a client on Friday, but it did seem to be spreading by Friday afternoon when I had a meeting with a new potential client -- awkward. Still trying to maintain my dignity, I later dropped in to collaborate briefly on the construction of the seventh labyrinth at NCC. I was among friends there but still; eewww. As of Sunday, the bruise was still growing and seemed to have moved on to my throat. A lovely sight, I am. And I have appointments Monday. Sigh.....

Three-plus weeks ago I over-exerted myself and hurt my leg. Nothing big I thought and I carried on. But it nagged. And it nagged. Finally, I went to the doctor last week because it still hurt and he sent me for an ultrasound to rule out phlebitis. Holy @#$%! My father had that. Results pending. Not to mention an x-ray on the hip for arthritis.

So, here I am. Being here now. Being old now. Being a senior now. Whatever! Tomorrow, I'm going to limp into Dunkin Donuts on my aching leg, with my bruised face and lay down my phone with its DD app for a medium iced coffee with milk and demand my 15 cent senior discount. And I'll be happy that I'm here another day. What's better than that?

This week, no matter WHAT is happening in your life, leave your ego home, and make every day count.

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