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Random thoughts

Do you know about random acts of kindness? I guess everyone knows what that means, but did you know it's a "thing"? A big thing.

I thought it was a book but now there are so many on Amazon that I can't find the one that started it all. Now it's a website with committed followers, and there are lesson plans, community outreach models and on and on. There's a day, and a week, even a month, dedicated to it. Pretty cool. Random thoughts became a book, became a movement, became a website.

I believe, firmly, that words and actions matter a lot and even little adjustments in our choices can make a difference in our own life as well as others'. Reaching out and making a connection with people -- mindfully, with compassion and kind intention -- can make all the difference.

Sometimes it’s just a look or a word that makes the connection. A kind word that soothes a hurting heart. A bitter word that ignites a feud. A sarcastic passing remark that demeans a fragile personality. A tempting look promising to deliver you to sublime ecstasy. All of these are sparks that can launch some kind of connection - good or bad. Loving or painful. Permanent or fleeting.

So, it's not Random Acts of Kindness Day...or Week...or Month. But what the heck? The key word here is random. So go right ahead and make it YOUR week for random acts of kindness. This week, next week, any fact, every week. Key to the whole thing working: don't forget to include yourself.

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