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St. Patrick's Day and Daylight Saving Time

St. Patrick was a slave. You knew, right? He was British, captured by Irish pirates when he was 14 in the early 400s, taken back to Ireland as where he toiled as a slave for seven years, escaped back to Britain guided by a dream, and then had a vision from God calling him to return to Ireland. He was ordained, went back and in short order -- well, about 40 years -- converted the Druids and Celts to Christianity and secured his place in that nation's history.

Good story. Mostly agreed upon by scholars. I thought it would be a good starting point for a study of adapting to your circumstances and maintaining a positive, and even spiritual, outlook.

Or I could have written about the Ever-Living Ones, or the Tuatha De Danaan, the creation story of the Irish with the sacred oak named Bile, and Danu, the divine waters from heaven, coming together to create Dagda and Brigid who are the progenitors of the Children of Danu from whom all the rest descended.

Again, good story. Creation myths are a wonderful starting-off point for writing about managing your own life, creating your own reality, figuring out your place in your world. And this one ties in with St. Patrick's Day, a big event of the week. Perfect story line. Perfect connection. Develop that.

So, I worked on both of those ideas but then Daylight Saving Time came along and we lost an hour. And, wouldn't you know it? That was the very hour I was working on this letter! The very one hour!! So it's gone. Just like that. We all lost a whole hour this week. That was mine. Huh!

Time. Myth. Funny things to think about, aren't they?

What might you lose this week? Or will you? What is your belief system based on? Is that real? Mythic? Really real?

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