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Too much is the same as not enough

I've been searching for balance lately. There is so much noise. So much strident competition for attention. It's hard to find the calm in the middle of this storm, but I keep trying. I bought two new singing bowls and they sound wonderful with my crystal bowl. So, come to my next meditation to hear some of that! :-)

I've also been reading some inspirational authors: Victor Hugo, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jonathan Haidt and Zhuangzi, among them. We are blessed with an abundance of great thinkers throughout history. Sometimes, I wish I could just read all day, every day -- there's so much to absorb and reflect upon that's been written -- but the downside to that is that you don't get to live your life! And that would be such a shame.

So, here's a parable from Tsai Chih Chung's splendidly entertaining "Zhuangzi Speaks." It seems timely to me. (And I highly recommend the book when you are looking for balance.)

Zhuangzi came from a very poor family and once he went to borrow some grain from the Marquis Jian ....

Zhuangzi: I'd like to borrow thirty gold pieces to meet an urgent need.

Marquis Jian: No problem, but right now I don't have any money. Tell you what; as soon as I collect the taxes, I'll loan you three hundred gold pieces! How's that?

Zhuangzi: You know, a funny thing happened on my way here yesterday. I thought I heard someone calling me, and when I turned around, I saw a fish dying of thirst...

Fish: Please, I need water!

Zhuangzi: Okay, but I don't have any right now. Tell you what, though; I'm on my way south to Wu an Yue, and once there, I'll ask the kings to change the course of the western river so it can carry you back to the sea.

Fish: Fine. Look for me tomorrow on the dried fish rack at the market.

Moral: Bigger is not necessarily better. Things should fit their purpose. Sometimes, too much is the same as not enough.

May you enjoy a week ahead where everything fits your purpose.

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