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Nature at its best

Will an acorn become a maple? No...of course not. Will a grapefruit taste like an apple? No.

Everything has a nature, and given the best circumstances, will express that nature in all its exquisite beauty and perfection. You have a nature, too, and the same goes for you: Given the right circumstances, you always will express yourself with exquisite perfection.

Of course, you have a tougher time than a plant does. With your two legs and your brainy abilities, you have the added power to subject yourself to so many more obstacles. You have to overcome that nagging, questioning self-doubt that creeps in and obfuscates your innate knowing.

Even other brainy animals know their nature. Does a cat ever question its "cat-ness"? Birds fly. Ants colonize. Chipmunks burrow. Their parents and friends don't fret over them. They don't have teachers that compare them to others or social cues they use to compare themselves. They just know who they are and they do what they do.

So how do you know what your nature is? Think of a time when you were doing something and it felt like all the stars aligned. You were in the flow. Everything felt right. It was comfortable. It was easy. That's probably a huge hint. Keep an eye on that and do it again.

It could be anything. Maybe you're good at helping a kid who is struggling to read. Or it's leading a meeting clearly and confidently toward a mutual goal. Maybe you are a painter or composer. Maybe it's listening to someone who needs a listener. From coordinating to smiling to mentoring to teaming up, you have a nature - a natural talent. You actually have many, some smaller, quieter and subtle and some bigger, more obvious. But when you are doing something that expresses your perfect nature, then everything is right in your world at that moment. You know it. They know it.

Notice that. Bring more of those moments into your life. Seek out and live the most majestic manifestation of your nature that you can be. And do it again. And again. Forever, again.

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