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The extraordinariness of the ordinary

It's a new year, just like the last one was. It's a new day, just like yesterday was; just like tomorrow will be. It's a new you -- all the time.

The ordinary things that make up your life are also the extraordinary things. It's all in your perspective. We make some days special purposely. Holidays. Anniversaries. Births. Deaths. We make some events special. We like to mark personal milestones. And yet, the sun rises and the sun sets today like any other day, and my new year may not begin on the same day as your new year.

But every day we have the chance to recognize the sublime extraordinariness of the ordinary. Every sunset is a one-time moment. Every birth of a brand new human being is unique. Every animal we see that flies or hops or slithers by is extraordinary.

The day-in, day-out life we each live is extraordinary. All you have to do is recognize the sublime sacredness in your ordinary life and take a moment to savor it. Take more than a moment. Take this moment and the next moment and the next. There is nothing special about this moment and there is nothing that is not special about it. Keeping mindful of each moment allows you to enjoy and honor the divine in you and in the world around you at all times.

I wish you a week, a month, a 2016 -- an entire lifetime -- of recognizing the unique sacredness of your extraordinary thoughts and actions. When you let go of who you are, you become what you might be.

May your day, your year, your life, be one of present-minded mindful appreciation for the miracle that you are in every moment.


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