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You: common/uncommon; becoming/grace

One thing I read this weekend: Aaron Copland said, “At no point can you seize the musical experience and hold it. … a single musical moment immobilized makes audible only one chord, which in itself is comparatively meaningless. This never-ending flow of music forces us to use our imaginations, for music is in a continual state of becoming.”

Another thing I read this weekend: Rabbi Rami Shapiro wrote, “This is the key to grace. Each day God provides you with exactly what you need for that day. If you take of it freely, and embody it fully, then all is well. If you seek more than you can eat in hopes of stockpiling it for the future, what you hoard rots. Today is for today only.”

Here’s what that added up to in my head and heart:

How do you start your day? Does it start the night before with a to-do list? Do you fret about going to a job you don’t like or a long list of errands or chores ahead? Or maybe you are excited about all the opportunities you have to shine, to do what you love, to help others. Maybe you begin the day with a prayer of gratitude. Or a hangover. Maybe you start by hitting the snooze button on the alarm so you can just delay starting altogether. It could be that you have meetings scheduled, or a lesson. School might be the plan or exercise, or mediation or regret. Coffee or tea. The news, on paper, on TV, on radio or podcast. Today’s the day you find a job or shovel the driveway or have a baby or start Pilates.

No matter how you start your day, you can be assured of this. Everyone does it. Starting your day is something you have in common with every living human on earth, even those who were born yesterday or those whose day it is to die. We all start our day. It is common. You, in this regard, are common. The common man. The common woman. The common person.

This morning, today is all you need. Embody it. Don’t worry about tomorrow now. Tomorrow will take care of itself tomorrow, when it’s today.

So, stand up. Play this music: The Fanfare for the Common Man. Play it loud. Let it wash over you. Stand in the power pose, hands on hips, head held high and looking out, beyond where you stand. Say your prayer or affirmation. Let this be the beginning of your day. Your becoming. Your grace. Absorb it.

Today is for today only. Go get it. Do it every (to)day. Rock your life. Rock your self in your continual state of becoming you.

Peace and love to you today and for the week ahead.


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