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Uncomplicate your life

I know you’re busy. You have a lot going on that you need to take care of. Your job (or looking for one). Your family. Your friends, your pets, your workout, your home, car, yard. You have to make phone calls, send e-mails, pay bills, work on the budget, figure out when you can visit. And it will be no time at all before it’s back-to-school time or planning holiday parties and meals, more visits, more scheduling.

Life is complicated.

It’s also short.

All those things that we do to move us from morning to night, from week to month to seasons – to years – those things will always be there. I get it. You have to live. And life is busy. Just be aware; because all that busy-ness can insidiously work itself to the top of the list every day and, after a while, without you even noticing, it feels like it's the most important thing.

It’s not.

When life feels overwhelming, too complicated, that could be a sign that you’ve become disoriented and disconnected from what really matters. Slow down. Let go – not of everything, of course. But you can probably let go of a lot. Say no, thank you. Let someone else do it. Give it away. Cut back.

Take an afternoon off and just sit somewhere you really enjoy. And enjoy it. Uncomplicate your life and breathe in what matters. You'll be happier and you'll be better able to handle that list – that list of things that will still be there when you return. Don't let it be the boss. You be the boss of your life. Remember Mary Oliver's existential question: what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Start by uncomplicating it.

Peace and love to you.


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