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Peace and love

The week ahead promises to be tough for us Americans. The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump begins on Tuesday and you can be sure that there will be a lot of over-the-top sound bites as the Senate revisits the events of January 6. I will go out on a limb and say you likely hold an opinion already. Possibly a strong one. But regardless of your opinion, or mine, the decision about impeachment is now in the hands of 100 senators.

What can I do? Or you?

I can act locally. I can help out in my community. I can take care of my own attitude, my own willingness to act, to be positive, to make an impact in my realm. I can do what I do with peace in my heart, with love in my heart.

I may not be able to change what happens in the world or even in the United States this week. But by acting responsibly, lovingly and peaceably in my home, my work, my sphere, I can influence anyone I interact with.

And maybe the world.

Peace and love, people. Do good. Act with peace and love. Always.

Peace and love.


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