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Overwhelmed? Act like a goose!

I have succumbed to feeling overwhelmed. Yes, yes. I know -- better than most -- that it will pass, but that doesn't change how I feel right now. 

There's politics pushing us apart. There's Covid keeping us apart. We've seen an increase in fires, droughts, soaring temperatures. Flu season is  approaching as the days get shorter here. There's a lot on my heart this weekend. I feel agitated and this is energy that I can't use. It's static, sticking to me like glue and like generalized anxiety, sparks fly but they don't energize or animate anything.

So what do you do when you feel overwhelmed, fatigued, in need of a mental rest? Do what the lead goose does in a V-formation. Drop back into your pack. Whether that's your family, your office Zoom group, your book club or your church group, it doesn't matter. Conserve your energy. Let go of needing to control. Let go of needing to be the leader. 

Shared commitment to a common goal means that we can rely on others. So, do that. Give yourself a break. You'll be back in front again when you've marshalled your resources. Give yourself time to rebuild. Let someone else take the lead for a while -- while you pull up the covers and shut your eyes. 

You are not alone. 


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