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Make your wishes come true.

I took a walk today and saw a handful of litter strewn along the road -- plastic cups, lids and straws, snack bags, paper bags. I wish people wouldn't litter. I won't litter.

I watched a client walk into a quiet half-capacity nail salon talking on her cell phone, pausing to sanitize her hands, have her temperature taken as everyone else in there already had done, never missing a beat as she sat down and continued her loud, one-sided conversation. I wish people would not be so rude and disrespectful to their service provider and all the other patrons by carrying on conversations on their cell phones. I will not talk on my cell phone when my attention should be on the person in front of me.

I wish drivers did not rage at other drivers and attack them. I will keep my annoyances to myself and not rage at others.

I wish someone would speak for the defenseless. I will defend the defenseless.

I wish people would be more generous with their goods, their talents, their love. I will be more generous and help out where I can.

I wish people would not lie. I will not lie.

I wish people would listen to each other, hear each other out. I will listen.

Of course, I know all my wishes may not come true, but this exercise has made me realize how easy it is to make many of my wishes come true. As one of my Dad's favorite songs goes, "Let it begin with me."


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