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I am always the student

I will never be done. With anything. There is always more to learn. Even the lessons I think I've already learned need to be relearned. And I need to remind myself that that's okay. Being reminded of something, a lesson you think you've already learned, isn't a glitch in the system. It IS the system. It's life. The key to living a happy life is knowing that you are always learning, even when you are re-learning.

This week, I relearned a few things.

  • I'm not responsible for everyone in my life.

  • My relationship with God (or the divine or the ineffable or whatever suits you) is both infinite and intimate.

  • It's okay to disagree.

  • Fall -- this year in southwestern Connecticut -- is spectacular. What a sight!

  • A minuscule number of people on Earth know who I am. The rest of the 8 billion do not.

  • The prior bit of information is true for 8 billion humans.

  • Some people love me.

  • The prior bit of information is true for 8 billion humans.

  • Minuscule is spelled minus-cule not mini-scule

  • Children are a miracle, and a reminder at every stage of our life of who we are and can be.

  • Anger and worry hurt, and are usually not productive, at least not in a positive way.

  • Movement -- as much as you can manage in your life -- is good for your health, all kinds of health.

  • Appreciation is grace.

  • You have a choice. Choose consciously.

As Carl Jung said, "The reason why consciousness exists, and why there is an urge to widen and deepen it, is very simple: without consciousness things go less well."

Well! There's a thought! Sit with that one for a few moments. Clearly, there is so much more to say, to learn. But, for now, I have completed this week. On to the next. For me. And for you.

I wish you peace, wisdom. learning and re-learning and much love in the week ahead.


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