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Going through a phase

Revisiting a post from 10 years ago:

Look up in the sky tonight and you will see a waxing half moon. As the predominant earthly satellite, humankind has long observed the moon and has imbued it with all manner of symbolism and power. It has been represented as a god, a goddess, an omen of death, a symbol of life. It has been called a place for souls awaiting rebirth, or just an abode for the dead. If you can see it tonight, enjoy it, because it will be gone in a couple of weeks. If that sounds a little harsh, don't despair. It will be back.

While our modern world has lost much of the awe and magic of earlier civilizations and we know that the phases of the moon are merely an astronomical phenomenon, that doesn't mean we can't take note of one important lesson the moon can teach. As the moon cycles from new to crescent to half to full and back through those phases to new again, we are reminded that cycles are a natural part of life. The storm will be followed by clearing. The snow will melt in the warmth of spring sun. Discouragement will fade and be followed by hope. On the other side, joy will pass and sorrow will touch us again. Sadness is the twin to happiness. Knowing that patterns will cycle through our lives repeatedly can help us in times of stress and worry.

Through it all, the adage, "This too shall pass," can bring understanding of cycles. (There are many versions of this phrase throughout history. Here’s one. And another. And another.) Just as the moon's phases come and go, our moods come and go, our successes come and go, our worries, our anger, our frustrations, our achievements, our disappointments – everything we create, everything external, will come and go. Enjoy your life's highs, persevere through the lows. When fear, stress or worry builds, remember that things will change. Knowing that can help you detach from the cause for the duration. Actively choose to let go off that which does not serve you including grievances, grudges and resentments which are all attachments to events that have passed and no longer exist.

Peace and love to you in the week ahead.


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