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Embrace momentary splendor

Around here, at this time of year, it is easy to have a moment. If the light is right, and the leaves have turned just so but are still on the tree and you catch a glimpse between the breeze and the temperature is just perfect, it can overwhelm.

All of life is full of these momentary splendors. A newborn's grip around an elder's pinky finger. An ant carrying a cut of leaf 15 times its own size. A turn of phrase that thrums your heart. A waft of music that reverbs a memory that swells into a warm twinkling smile.

Life can be hard or sad or even just humdrum. It is surely full of challenges, despair, frustration and ennui. But life is equally splendorous, and especially so in just a moment. The thing about moments is that they are easy to miss. Or dismiss. Don't miss them. And don't dismiss them. Seek the moments out. Uncover them. They are right in front of you, always. Smile at the moments. Embrace them. Give yourself over to the tiniest of pleasures. Let them fill in the interstices of your life. Make this a practice and it won't be long before the moments will expand into a joyful happy life full of gratitude.

Peace and love to you in the week ahead.


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