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Be honest with yourself

Being honest with yourself is not always simple but it is basic. It’s a straightforward matter of acknowledging that you are struggling with a real question and being able to sit with it.

I have begun to wonder if I’m coming to the end of my weekly letter writing. Am I done? Am I worn out? Have I said all I have to say?

Honestly, I really am wondering. The thing is I’m not afraid to share my doubts with you because I often write about asking you to challenge yourself. It’s something we all must do over and over. So now I’m challenging myself.

While I have lots of half-formed ideas about writing a message this week, none are ready. None are fully formed. So, I will not try to force it. Maybe that’s this week’s message. If it’s not ready, then don’t push it. You can wait. Everyone else can too. The truth is, they probably have other things to do and your offering is not all that big a deal. And maybe I’ll have something really good to write about next week.

Be honest with yourself. It might feel good. It might be a relief. All that you think is THAT important probably isn’t.


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