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a humility of spirit

On Sunday evenings such as this one, when I’ve had a busy week and a busy weekend, I find myself wondering what I have to say that might inspire you to have compassion for yourself, and, as important, to have compassion for others. For that is, indeed, my stated goal.

Fortunately for me -- when the world is feeling the fundamental wrong-ness of Russia’s attack on Ukraine; when your own life weighs you down with seemingly insurmountable, personal challenges; when I feel unprepared to say anything remotely useful, helpful or encouraging -- there are always others wiser and consistently dependable; in this case, the deeply inspiring and brilliant Maria Popova, producer of The Marginalian.

I strongly encourage you to support her work if you find even a passing connection or inspiration. The equivalent of a cup of coffee a month – a month! – would help. Here are a few treasures from today’s letter:

  • One of the best things a man can bring into the world with him is a natural humility of spirit. About the next best thing he can bring, and they usually go together, is an appreciative spirit — a loving and susceptible heart.

  • …we have life and health and wholeness on the same terms as the trees, the flowers, the grass, the animals have, and pay the same price for our well-being, in struggle and effort, that they pay. That is our good fortune. There is nothing accidental or exceptional about it.

Please take your time with all the content on The Marginalian. Click the links, Let your interest lead your heart. Read lots of different posts. Make yourself another cup of tea or coffee and just relax into the reading, the lessons, the thoughts, the inspiration. Come back during the week and read more.

And if you are so inspired to donate the equivalent of a cappuccino a month, I encourage you to support this endeavor.

In any case, I wish you peace and love to you in the week ahead.


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