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What's working?

What's working?

It's time to take a pause and ask yourself what's working. We are in the middle of a notable four months in world history, an historic four months in our country's history, and the most remarkable American presidency in modern times - for better or worse.

So, the question to ask yourself now is this: What's working for me?

Take a pause. So many things are different from what they were four months ago. Your life, likely, is different. Ask, what's working? What's not working?

Ask, what are you grateful for? What opportunities do you see or are you taking?

So much has been put on hold, but hold will not last forever; but it remains to be a long time before that which is on hold returns. It will return - in some ways differently, in some ways not. What do you want to change? What do you recognize no longer serves you, serves your community, serves your country or humanity?

Take this pause. Reflect. Take the opportunity to change things if you can. (You always can.) It begins with you.

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