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Begin again

Every time I turn the calendar to a new month, I have an eager sensation of starting anew. It's not my first June but it's a new June, a fresh month ahead, a chance to think about and plan for the next 31 days. And, with this turn of the calendar, I see it's Monday; not my first Monday but it's a new Monday. I get to look ahead to a week (harder these days for many of us confined to our homes, working differently or not at all, but still Monday) and plan what I'm going to do for the next five plus two days.

My calendar (well, the pretty one) is in my kitchen where I see it first thing in the morning as I'm making my first cup of tea.

As I turn my calendar from May to June, to a new month, and new Monday, I think, "Today is not my first morning, but it's a new morning." And that reminds me that this is not my first moment, but it's a new moment. And that is where I begin -- in a new moment, a new day or week or month. And then, I begin again. And if it's hard, or I struggle, or backslide (and it is, and I do), I know that the opportunity will be there for me to begin again. In any moment that I recognize and choose. Those moments are infinite. That's a good thing.

We are living in troubled times in our world and we've just experienced a particularly troubling week in our country. Regardless of what troubles you, this is a new moment, not like any other moment, or week or month. If you are unhappy with something in your life, your work, your community, you can make a change.

Whatever has come before, this moment is new. If you want to make a change in your life, you can begin right now. And then, begin again. And again.

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