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Give yourself a break

This has been a busy week with all sorts of things -- family, friends, work, household, cars -- in the words of a very good, old friend, it's been "an on and on."

And I'm still going. Final tax prep for 2019 has to be finished tonight, there's still laundry to fold and beds to make and dinner to cook. So, I'm going to give myself a break. That is the advice I'd give you if you were me.

Until next Monday, then, I'll leave you with this poem to contemplate for the week.

Divine Jacks

© February 2020 by Meg Reilly

Some people say the threads of our lives are woven into a grand tapestry.

But I think of my threads more like the World's Largest Ball of Shreds, Threads, Strings and Things, rolling downhill, bouncing up; a red rubber Sisyphean ball in a cosmic game of jacks that I'm playing with God; and we're pretty evenly matched even though She's got some pretty



God is an admirable foe - a good match for me, I'd say - and I'd play jacks with Her all day long.

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