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What do you think happens when we die?

Recently, Stephen Colbert interviewed Keanu Reeves and asked him, "What do you think happens when we die?" I have not seen the whole interview and I know it was at the end of an appearance on the talk show with Reeves promoting his newest movie. I don't watch a lot of movies and admit I've actually never seen one with Reeves (no, I haven't seen The Matrix or Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, two movies I'm sure he was in) but I do take him for a person who has played some spiritual roles.

I also have learned that he has had some difficult loses in life, as has Colbert. And yet here they were -- two celebrities, doing what they do, one hosting a successful late-night interview show, one promoting his latest movie. Symbiotic, professional, fun -- yes -- but really it's all business.

And then, this.

An open-ended question, posed strategically, playfully, provocatively. And, then, Reeve's pause, his thoughtful reflection, and this poignant moment: "I know that the ones who love us will miss us." He didn't speculate what would happen to him, to his body or soul. He reminded us what it means to be us. Here. Left behind. Very human, very alive. Death is for the living.

You may have a very different answer. I'm not suggesting this is the best or right answer, simply that it's worthy of your reflection -- reflection on the people you love and what a blessing it is to love others. It makes us human.

Spend some time this week pondering a big question. Allow yourself that luxury. And, I hope you enjoy a wonderful week.

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