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How do you be?

No, that's not bad grammar. I'm not asking how you are. I am asking how you -- that is, in what manner do you choose to -- be.

Be. It seems like a simple word. Look it up. Look it up in an old-fashioned, hard-bound, paper-paged dictionary. The bigger the better. For a little word, a word you use in one of its many forms multiple times a day, the dictionary has a lot to say about the humble "be."

To be is to exist. I am. The sacred "I am." How many times a day do you utter those words? And, each time, do you consider your sacred nature? How you choose to be in this world is up to you, and it's up to you every time you utter the words, "I am." In every encounter no matter how big or small, solitary or public, intentional or careless, you will be. You will think. Say. Act. You will be.

So, how will you be? How do you be? You can change the world by being. Just be. Be with compassion. Be with discernment. Be with truth and with love. Be for others. Be for yourself.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Be, and honor, your sacred self.


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