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What have you learned so far?

Here you are, at the beginning again. Another day. Another week. Winter is over (here, anyway) and spring begins again. A new season. A new opportunity.

So what have you learned and how will you proceed?

You're sitting at your desk. Punching your time sheet. Boarding the plane, staring at a blank page, picking up your tools. You're beginning again. How will this time be different? Better? What have you learned that you can consciously bring to bear on this day to make yourself happy?

You're starting that same old fight with your partner. You are walking into the same clinic. You're slipping into the old comfortable habit you've been trying to kick. You're doing it again. You've been here before and you're here now, again, but you have definitely learned something along the way. Try to remember -- what is it? What have you learned? Being here in this situation feels the same, familiar, but it's not. You are different. You have more experience today than you have ever had in this life before. You are new.

So? What have you learned? How will you proceed?

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