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How much is enough?

How do you know when it's "enough"? Enough lying? Enough BS? Enough incompetence? When is it enough?

How much truth is enough? How much love is enough? Patience?

Is there a limit to war? To peace? When have you had enough sunshine or rain? When have I said enough? How much clutter is enough? Snark? Sarcasm? Cleverness, Tweeting, screen time? When is it time to stop eating, reading, running, sleeping, sharing, caring?

Is enough humility enough?

How much more can I love you? How far can I see? After going back some generations, who isn't my ancestor or cousin? Is there no end to patriotism, loyalty, allegiance? Whose life matters enough? Who decides?

Will there always be enough water to drink, enough air to breathe, enough ideas to think? Is there enough pain? Enough sorrow? Enough hate? Enough tears? When is it enough?

Enough pride or prudence, enough greed or justice, enough envy or courage? Is there ever enough hope? Kindness? Tolerance?

Who says when it's enough? Who knows when it's enough? Well, you do, of course. You know. Because enough only happens when a change happens.

That's enough.

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