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Tour de life

I've been thinking a lot lately of cycling. Not the two-wheeled kind -- the getting through your day kind. I've been noticing how we -- I -- go through all kinds of cycles all of the time.

The big ones are obvious. It's holiday season again. Already? Yup. Seems like it wasn't that long ago that we were decorating, shopping, wrapping and unwrapping and now we're doing it again. Soon I'll be seeing ads for gym memberships and diet plans. Then it'll be crocuses and daffodils and garden prep time. Graduation. Summer vacation. Camp, back-to-school, Halloween and bam! Holiday season, again, not to mention another presidential campaign season in full swing. It can feel like a hamster wheel if you let it.

Even bigger -- birth, life, death. Or bigger! Nebula, star, super giant, supernova, black hole.

And then there are the little ones, the cycles that aren't so obvious. Those internal moods and dialogues that I find myself going through constantly all day long. I find myself inspired, annoyed, calm, tired, joyful, energized, touched, motivated, frustrated, hopeful, worried, elated, satisfied, blissful, sad, content, selfish, silly, irritated, sorry for myself and expansively blessed all in one day. Really! I've been paying attention.

Cycles are as natural as breathing -- which is a cycle, so there you go. You can't get away from them, ever. And I find that comforting in a very be here now kind of way. I mean, it's less so when I'm feeling really excited or silly or happy because I know it's not going to last. But it's very comforting when I'm feeling worried, fearful or sad because I know that's not going to last either. It's simply life. It's part of the cycle of being a person. And, that's good to know when life presents us with challenges. My me, the person that is me, the self that I am...I can stay focused and balanced knowing always that this, too, shall pass.

May you cycle through all your challenges this week with equanimity and an open mind.

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