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Help yourself, and serve someone else

During this week with Election Day, I have been thinking a lot about service and, more specifically, what it means to be a public servant. I found this poem written in 1953. And, I thought, oh, yes.... this is what I want to say about our culture, our country, the important things we should all be thinking about.

And then I read the end! What?

And then, I thought, oh yes. This is what I want people to know. You CAN do a damn thing about it. So vote on Tuesday. And whatever the result, be prepared to know how you serve and to act accordingly.

I Believe


It’s my belief that every man

Should do his share of work,

And in our economic plan

No citizen should shirk.

That in return each one should get

His meed of fold and food,

And feel that all his toil and sweat

Is for the common good.

It’s my belief that every chap

Should have an equal start,

And there should be no handicap

To hinder his depart;

That there be fairness in the fight,

And justice in the race,

And every lad should have the right

To win his proper place.

It’s my belief that people should

Be neither rich nor poor;

That none should suffer servitude,

And all should be secure.

That wealth is loot, and rank is rot,

And foul is class and clan;

That to succeed a man may not

Exploit his brother man.

It’s my belief that heritage

And usury are wrong;

That each should win a worthy wage

And sing an honest song ....

Not one like this - for though I rue

The wrong of life, I flout it.

Alas! I’m not prepared to do

A goddam thing about it.

Go out there and vote. And, then, on Wednesday get started with your public service. It takes a village people. And you live in this village. So, it takes you.

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